How to retain your wealthy clients and increase your assets under management with seamless digital channels of communication

Fidéliser les clients patrimoniaux avec un contenu digital amélioré

The information provided to your wealthy clients is fundamental to their loyalty

In these times of uncertainty, your clients do not have the time or the desire to analyze in depth the macro-economic environment or the new reforms put in place by the public authorities.

That’s why they seek your expertise in order to provide them with intelligent financial data.

Factset’s latest survey of more than 1,000 HNWIs shows that your clients have three main specific requirements about the insights provided :

  • transparent data,
  • fast and clear communication, and
  • relevant data matching their projects and objectives.

How to measure the adequacy of your communication channels to your client needs

With evolving client expectations and competitive pressure toward becoming responsive and client-centric, Wealth Managers need to feed their clients with financial information through multiple communication channels.

Face-to-face meetings are still highly valued by customers. But how often are you able to meet them personally? Two maybe three times a year?

You probably send them a weekly or monthly newsletter with updates about the market trend.

But are those financial data relevant to your clients? How can you make sure that your email will be opened, and that the message you wanted to convey was fully understood? Was the information that your clients were seeking?

And now just for a moment, try to think like Google. They have developed a process of data management that allows users to find information quickly and efficiently.

By multiplying and diversifying communication channels, you increase the probability to reach your audience.

Adopt the innovative communication channel that matches your client requirements

Your clients are demanding more access to real-time analytics and this is one of the prime opportunities for wealth management firms to offer differentiated propositions.

Offering a web portal designed to be accessed anywhere and on any device is a must-have for wealth managers.

Through this portal you have the opportunity to innovate by feeding your clients with original content such as memos, videos, opinion piece and personalized financial reports.

For example, providing clients with customized, relevant information and research about developments in the markets can be an opportunity to open a dialogue and assess their current needs.

Then your client can interact with you via the instant messaging to get further details that could lead to a new investment.

How Mon Gérant Privé will support you in your digital strategy to retain your clients by offering enhanced digital content

Our platform is a versatile multi-channel platform, which has been designed to be accessed anywhere and on any device. We provide you with a personalized and secured platform that suits your client needs.

We provide you with the white label innovative technologies used by the Giants of the Web to provide your customers with an incredible user experience that matches their requirements in the digital era.

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