The dilemma of the digital strategy for wealth management firms

Quelle stratégie digitale pour les gérants de fortune ?

The dilemma of the digital strategy for wealth management firms

Since wealth management firms decide to start their digital transformation, they all face the same dilemma.

Wealth managers are wondering whether they should build in-house, buy or combine in-house tools with other solutions.

However, most wealth management forms do not have the internal resources to develop digital in-house solutions, while those with these resources often lack the necessary technological experience.

The French business case of La Financière de l’Echiquier

La Financière de l’Echiquier has chosen to partner with a web agency to develop a fully digital onboarding process combined with an client web portal.

The project required the mobilization of intervention teams, experts and other resources to complete the project. I am not even talking about the overall cost.

The result is very good with an advanced customer experience.

However few are the firms that can embark on such a digital project with the potential risks inherent.

Partnering with innovative Fintech companies is the most effective way to achieve its digital strategy

The latest report by PwC – 2017 Global Fintech Survey – suggests that the most effective way for Wealth Managers to go digital is to partner with innovative Fintech companies that lead to fast and efficient implementation of digital solutions used by clients and by internal teams.

The main outcome is to emerge advisor-client relationship models to cater client demand.

How Mon Gérant Privé will help you achieving your digital transformation?

The technological and sectorial experts of Mon Gérant Privé provide you with a dedicated support to meet your digital challenges.

We provide you with white label innovative technologies used by the Giants of the Web to provide your customers with an amazing user experience that suits their new ways of consuming financial services.

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